26 April 2008

Wordcounts and music

I have finally won the battle against chapter 7. Chapter 8 and 9 are done too. I also added some additional scenes into earlier chapters, where the writing was still too outlinish.

If I can spend a couple of minutes every day going through the earlier chapters, I should have them waxed by the time I get to the end.

Got good wordage in today, writing around 3000 new words today. The story ahead is clearer than it was at the beginninng of chapter 7, considering it decided to move some events around.

My current writing playlist includes a lot of Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Parlotones and, oddly, some psychobilly like The Cramps and The Meteors. When I wrote one of the scenes that take place on the planet, I listened to Bhangra, which changed the scene completely for me - but in a very good way. It brought it to life. I remember, when writing the first draft, how the Parlotones song "I'm only human' really helped with the Sarah scenes. It is amazing just how much music can influence the mood of a piece.

Now Playing: Bush, Kate - Army Dreamers

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