16 April 2008

Sleepless dreams

I lay awake just about the whole night, thinking about the ideal writing place, writing utensils, favourite words, one of the characters in Frank (Young Gods) and so many other things. But, because I was over-tired, the thoughts came at me like one of those psychedelic Alice-falling-down-the-rabbit-hole scenes.

I started watching Men in Trees recently, and have been craving a remote setting like Elmo where I could focus on my writing. I am not sure Elmo specifically, or Alaska in general would be ideal, but I have always had this dream of a little cottage somewhere out in the country. No, really, I have had actual dreams of the cottage *smile*

Right now, however, I spend most of my time writing at the dining room table, occasionally writing from bed.

So, tell me, where do you dream about writing? And where do you actually write?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Alaska is not ideal for anyone at any time...my darling.

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