25 April 2008

Militants everywhere

According to the rest of the world, the results of the recount in Zimbabwe are not really much different to the first round. We will have to see whether or not Mugabe accepts this, or if he will continue with his coup. The BBC article is accompanied by a picture, with the following caption:

This man says he was locked in a burning hut by ruling party militants
I have always associated militants and militia with, you know, war, and, in particular, the armed forces of terrorists. According to Encarta, militant can be defined as

1. aggressive: extremely active in the defense or support of a cause, often to the point of extremism
2. involved in fighting: engaged in fighting or warfare
noun  (plural mil·i·tants)
somebody aggressively supporting cause: an aggressive defender or supporter of a cause
In my mind, these are not the actions of a legal ruling party, but rather symptomatic of a dictatorship. Of course, we have known for the longest time that Uncle Bob is a little iron fisted, so what was my point again?

Then we have Wendy Knowler, who believes we should try and turn back time to the 50s. With statements like ask our grandparents how they bought and prepared food before the food industry and the supermarkets made things quick and convenient for us and For those of us who have gardens, it's time to put that increasingly expensive patch of soil to work - plant herbs, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, I am surprised she hasn't been lynched yet. Of course, she makes a couple of valid points, but I am not sure how relevant her way of thinking is in 2008.
At least there is hope for us, the little people. We should all sign up and join the Million Man March against Crime. Organised by Desmond Dube, this promises to be a fun day out for the whole family, and should help raise awareness about a crisis that affects every single person in this country. I have my marching shoes on already, will you join me?

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