30 April 2008

Mewling motley-minded malt-worm

Quote of the Day:
At the working man's house hunger looks in but dares not enter.
--Benjamin Franklin

This is an odd week indeed. Sunday was Freedom Day here in South Africa, which means that Monday was also a public holiday. Tomorrow is Worker's Day, and Friday is the spill-over public holiday we were given, because some other public holiday coincided with Easter. This gives us a full total of two working days this week, and means today is Friday.

I love Fridays, especially when they fall on a Wednesday.

It also means that I have four days of writing ahead of me. I think I have the plot for the NOVA short story all worked out now. I will mind map it a little later today, and probably try and write it this week-end (did I mention it is a LONG one?), in between fixing the holes between chapter 7 through 10 of Frank.

While Stumbling this morning, I found this Shakespeare Insult Kit that will be great for using somehow - even if just in jest on message boards. The College Level Vocabulary Student Lists will also come in handy, no doubt. This Author suggestion tool is also rather nifty, especially since I am always looking for new authors to read.

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