22 March 2008

To blog or not to blog

That, however, is not the question. To stop blogging would almost be like to stop breathing. Almost.

The question, instead, should be what to blog about.

I have kept various blogs over the years, and, quite often, when I change blogging providers, my initial posts are witty fire through the brain. But, towards the end (or is it towards the middle) the posts degenerate to complete drivel comprised of woe is me posts and memes. I then get disenchanted with the blog, and try and start over somewhere else.

So, before I make the switch from my current main blog, I need to lay down some ground rules for myself. I apologise if they seem silly, but, dear self, we know each other too well by now, and you know as well as I do that this is very, very important if we are to continue to remain friendly blogging partners.

So, in this blog (or any other blog we may keep as a pet in the future) there will be:
  • no woe is me posts. the exception would be if we could actually write something witty and funny, while lamenting the situation.
  • no more memes. that is it. if we want to post memes, just open a silly journal for that purpose. they have never enriched our lives, and they never will. memes are spawns of satan's little toe.
  • better attention to grammar and punctuation. and potentially a ban on all cuss words. i know we can do it. really.
  • no posts for the sake of posting alone.

I think that if we can stick to these simple rules, we will have a long and productive blogging career.

And, for this reason, we will not have a private blog ever again. If we do want to lament something without obeying the rules, we have notepad and a special folder in the recycle bin.

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