29 March 2008

Following the thread

My husband printed out The Manuscript (Young Gods - first draft) for me recently, and it has been sitting in my top drawer ever since. I have been dreading the re-write, because I have never done it before, but I know it needs to be done. I am just not entirely sure where to start, really.

The rebellious side of my brain (which is generally the dominant part) keeps telling me that it is perfect as it is, and may just need a tweak here and there, and possibly another spell check. The realistic side of my brain (always the underdog) is sure that we can at least do the following:

  • reduce the number of chapters. There are currently 50 chapters (yes, 50!), but they are all only a couple of pages each. There must be a way to reduce the number of chapters.
  • somewhere in the middle, there are some serious storyline flaws. This happened mainly because, until the middle, the story took me one direction, and then it just changed its mind. Stories can be so fickle some times.

So, instead of rewriting the first chapter for the fourth time, I have decided that maybe, I should first read the manuscript. On paper. Away from my computer. I am thinking I should treat it like any other book I read, and possibly even write a review.

I am also no longer convinced that Young Gods is a good title for the book. I can always revert back to Frank  as a working title. In fact, that is exactly what I am going to do.

I also suspect I have thought of the concept for the second book in the series. I never intended for Frank to be a series, but the world it is set in is open for multiple books, so I guess it is inevitable that the story would take me down that road.


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