27 March 2008

astrologically me

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This is the result, with my comments...
Sun 11°Cp43:
Although you may have delays and struggles in life, your hard work will pay off in the long run, especially after age 34-40. You are ambitious, goal-oriented, but may tend to put too much emphasis on material assets. You seek authority and status.
ok, so, i am 34 now, it means my hard work should start paying off soon?
Moon 20°Ar43:
You are very impulsive in acting out your feelings. Sudden burst of enthusiasm. Can be very impatient and need to avoid jumping to conclusions. Easily bored but good for art and public speaking. Careful of migraines, temper and head injuries.
ok, i know about the migraines and temper. oh yeah. not so good at the public speaking thing though.
Mercury 07°Cp40:
You are practical, goal-oriented, assertive and used to delays & struggles. You make practical use of knowledge and learn through experience or trade courses. Management skills. Good for own business. You are responsible, use few words and have a dry wit.
this is more like me again. dry wit, me? never.
Venus 11°Aq22:
You appear to be rather cool and aloof in love matters and do not display your emotions in a sentimental manner. Usually quite good looking but detached. You are very independent but loyal in love. Drawn to those who are unconventional.
Mars 03°Ta05:
You have tremendous amount of stamina and endurance and can keep going long after others have given up. Rather than being aggressive, you will resist hard when pushed. Seldom angry but blind anger when roused. Watch ear, nose and throat area..
thyroid is throat area... hmmmm...

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