3 January 2008

For your consideration...

My query letter (to submit to literary agents) is written, and it is good. It is not great, yet, but it is good. But that is my little opinion, and I might just be a little too close to the subject matter. With that in mind, I thought... maybe, just maybe, I can get some feedback from the real world.

Frank, a recent graduate from the Young Gods Academy, has been assigned to manage a small, lower level planet on the outskirts of the universe. It shouldn’t be that hard running a small planet, right?
Unfortunately, Murphy never makes exceptions, not even for gods. The inhabitants of his new planet are not very god-friendly and the previous god made a mess of the maintenance. And, to make things worse, Frank’s mother has a penchant for the strange and likes meddling in the affairs of others, frequently with disastrous effects – despite her having her advanced creator’s qualification.With the help of his lover, a playboy and a local, Frank has to thwart his mother’s plans on several occasions, but will they be able to save the planet, and the universe, from disaster?

The genre is fantasy, rather than young adult, I would think. Thoughts, comments?

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