23 December 2007


The husband picked up his new phone, the HTC TYTN II, last week-end. i have had a fair amount of time to play with it, and it is not a bad phone, really.

The Good:

  • fast and responsive
  • the interface is pretty
  • easy to configure
  • the touch screen interface is really easy to use (i don't normally like touch screen phones, but as a play toy, this one doesn't bug me)
  • 3mpx camera. i haven't seen the quality of the pictures yet (the husband's been slow to download them) but after seeing the quality of the 2mpx camera on my phone, i can imagine that they will be great.
  • contact manager is really friendly.
  • 3G baby. fast Internet access anywhere you go.

The Bad:

  • it is bulky. it comes in at double the size of my phone (HTC Vox)
  • the same limitations i found with my phone apply to this one, other than the ability to easily exit applications.
  • sometimes, it could do with some more volume. it is fine if one uses the headphones that came with the phone, but as a portable media player (which is one of the good features) the ability to turn up the volume on the speaker would be great.

Battery life could appear to be a problem, but considering the things we have used the phone for, the battery actually lasts longer than, say, a Nokia with the same functions (sorry, but i have fallen out of love with Nokia in recent years)

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