15 November 2007

a cautionary tale of wine and technology

my laptop. *sighs* the night before last, she went mad so... i reinstalled. the laptop didn't crash and i didn't lose data. the laptop just went mad.

i thought that, just maybe, it was the drivers, so i started by reinstalling the drivers, specifically for the network devices (as i lost all network comms on wireless and nic). nada.
so, i reinstalled xp, loaded all the drivers and *tada* ... nope. still fooked.
but i know i am just not compatible with xp, so i thought i would try my old friend, windows 2003 server. and... nope.
by this time i had consumed copious amounts of wine, and remembered that my laptop came *giggle* with vista - of course this was the logical step. i installed happily. drinking some more wine and installed the drivers, full of drunken hope. nada.
so i thought i would see what the vista experience score would be (don't ask why i would wonder this while all this other stuff is going on), and, strangely, while running the system check, the wireless controller decided to return to life (is it now a zombie?). yay.

added my machine back to the domain, which prompted a reboot. bad idea. networking gone again.

despondent, i switched the bastard off. had some more wine and went to sleep.

the next morning, the wine had left my system and i decided to be a sober brave by switching the machine back on. lo and behold, i had network. i reboot and still had network. wow. installed office and still had network.

the moral of the story: drink more wine


actually, there is no moral to the story.


after installing office, i managed to download my mail, and then had to run off to work. got home to a disconnected machine. i am currently moving all my stuff off the laptop, so i can restore it to factory default and take it in for repairs.

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