6 January 2007

things to look forward to in 2007

not only do we have a new version of windows to look forward to this year, but we also have a new version of windows server edition looming, as well as a new version of office, sharepoint, exchange and wsus, and probably a couple others i have missed too.

then, with the recent inclusion of an xbox 360 into our family, i have started paying some serious attention to the console wars too, which will prove to be interesting this year with the release of the pricey (maybe too pricey) PS3 this year. i know in South Africa it might prove to be too pricey, coming in at just about double the price of the xbox 360 premium, and the games also coming in at over double the price of the other console games, but we will have to wait and see how many really hardcore gamers there are out there.

i am also particularly interested to see what happens with storage this year, as we are moving closer to having super large drives (starting with the 1TB drive announced just yesterday) and longer-living drives with no movable parts.

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