9 October 2006

Exploring Office 2007

Being the happy adventurer than i am on occasion, i was browsing some of the Word 2007 options, and noticed a ‘new blog post’ option. Of course, it mentioned Blog, which meant it had my attention straight away.

I had to ‘register’ my blog settings, which took all of 3 seconds (the longest bit was looking up my secret word again), and off i went. (Word makes use of email posting to MSN)

... or should i say, off i am here to now?


*shakes head*

I have to admit that Office 2007 is slowly growing on me, like a nasty fungus. I am still trying to figure out exactly where all the things are that i normally use, but considering that i mostly use Outlook, and Word for a little bit of report writing, and don’t forget Excel to make lists, there aren’t that many buttons that i have had to play hide and go seek with yet. In fact, using previous versions of Office had much the same effect on me – there are features that i so rarely use, that i always search for them when i do need them. And, there are a couple of the auto-formatting options in 2007 that rather appeal to my need for efficiency.

I still haven’t even opened Visio 2007... i was going to do so right now to see what it looks like, but realised that i did not even install it.*

Ok, back to my topic... blogging from within Word (or even the entire Office suite) negates the need for the Live Writer, and various other tools. Of course, it all depends on what the final product looks like once it is posted – but i think i could get into this.

Built in is support for MSN Spaces and Sharepoint. It also would seem that blogging sites like Livejournal would be supported (an ATOM interface is supplied). Again, this would have to be tested.

So, let’s see what this baby looks like.



* i have a ‘install as you need’ policy, which means i frequently have to install applications when it is already too late. I might, one day, modify said policy.

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