16 August 2006

Live Writer

the husband was so kind to find the Live Writer for us, and i finally took some time to check it out. in fact, this is my first post using it, rather than using email.

so far, the interface is friendly. i was hoping to have some of the features of my beloved Semagic client for LJ, and i think i have it here. this means i can post far more easily to my Live blog now, but i am still not entirely sure i would, because there are still 2 things missing from Spaces that i have with my other blogs:

  • Email notifications of comments: it would be really great to be notified that one has received a comment on a post, or a response to a comment. i am not in the habit of reading my own blogs, nor do i go back to places i commented on that frequently.
  • Blog backup: the ability to use a tool like LJ archive on Spaces would be fantastic, as I like keeping backups of my posts (in case, on day, i want to extract information from it, and/or the blogging service disappears)

but i like the ease of use of Writer, and it would be great if the Semagic client learnt a thing or two from this interface, especially the adding of pictures.

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