10 June 2006

Windows Vista Beta 2 - part 1

My brother downloaded the ISO for me, and then thought it would be easy if
he just cut a disk, and I copy the disk. Unfortunately, my laptop cannot
burn DVDs, so I had to copy the files to my hard drive, and then make my own
ISO. Nero was not playing nice with me last night, and would not allow me to
make a standard bootable DVD from the files (one of the files exceeds 2GB),
so it took some fiddling to make a bootable DVD.

I managed to convince the husband to offer his machine as the guinea pig for
this experiment. We started installing around 1:20 this morning, and the
installation finished around 1:45 - a 25 minute installation is not too bad,
considering XP Pro installs in about the same amount of time on his machine.
The installation just feels very long, because it now has one long progress
bar, rather than a couple of small ones, and the screen doesn't really
change during the installation process.

Once installed, it booted up with no problem, until we actually logged into
Windows. The first time we logged on was incredibly slow, but subsequent
log-ons were nice and quick (almost quicker than XP Pro).

His Microsoft wireless mouse doesn't seem to work properly, and, after
log-on, one is presented with a 'configure windows' screen, which makes it
seem like the OS has frozen when one clicks on any of the buttons. Then,
just before the husband hits the reset button (he of little patience), it
returns into action.

The bootable image I made was a Nero bootable image, which meant it loads
Caldera as its bootloader, and one cannot run Setup from this loader - and
we had to run set-up from within Windows (this is no flaw of Vista itself,
but rather an annoyance with Nero). I have managed to find a nice ISO
editor, and will be making a new ISO this morning, complete with a Windows
bootloader, so we will be reinstalling Vista a little later today on said
guinea pig, and, hopefully, we will have a better experience once logging

The GUI is very pretty though, and I cannot wait to see what it can really
do. Luckily the beta comes with all the features (as if it would be Vista
Premium, if not Vista Ultimate), so it would be easy to see which features
we would require once Vista is released.

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