3 May 2006

Amazon and Microsoft

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I have to admit that I do love Google. I really, really do. I will not use
any other search engine today (not so sure about tomorrow though). And I
actually use a couple of the other tools too - they are cutesy and fun
(apart from, of course, the Google Ads thingy on my website that I am hoping
will bring in some extra revenue)

But, I have been getting the feeling recently that Google has outgrown its
shoes. And with rumours afloat that they are looking at their own operating
system, they need to start having some losses (and I don't mean

Of course, it would be good to have 2 giants in the market - and they are
the only ones that I can see having the spunk (chutzpah?) to compete
effectively and cleanly with Microsoft.

We all know how much I love Microsoft, but there is no point in having a
company like them around if they do not have some proper competition that
will keep them on their toes and keep pushing them forward. Unfortunately,
the Linux bubble is just that - a thin bubble too easily popped, filled with
the hot air of self-importance (and really, not much else).

Before I go off on that tangent and get lost, let me stick to my original
point. Microsoft has received so much negative press in the past couple of
years (mostly undeserved, in my mind), that it is nice to see them make a
win again.

I understand this industry goes through the tides - this month, you are the
shiznic, next month, shit, month after that, the shiit. So glad to see we
are entering an upswing again for a while.

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