20 April 2006

wp #186

behind her, the noise escalated. she knew she had to get out, but there was no-where left to run. she had to face the facts:

those were her animals wreaking absolute havoc.

they were her responsibility, even if she was not the one to bring them here. and yet, they seemed to innocent this morning. clean faces, bright eyes, sweet voices.

slowly, she counts to 10. and then to 20. finally, around 130, she feels calm and centered enough to turn around and deal with the chaos.

the only way to deal with this is to get them all calm and in one location, and then assess the damage. so, one by one, she rounded them up, explained to the nearest official that she will be back in a microsecond to assess and repair, and gathered them all in the food court around a plate of their favourite treats.

what on earth possessed me to have 6 children is beyond me. i should have known, after the first two boys, that they would all be terrors. she thinks quietly to herself as she puts on her mom-in-charge face.

slowly, order is restored. fortunately, they only touched places they were interested in, so the damage was minimal. several attendants had frayed nerves, but nothing that a bar of chocolate will not fix.

i think it is going to take me a couple of tries to get back into the prompted writing. i know i can do it, after all, i always scored 90%+ for my creative writings at school.
i'll get there.

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