14 March 2006

why i like roaming profiles...

Ok, so our home configuration is a little over-kill for a 3 user network,
considering we have an Active Directory server, with Exchange, IIS and SQL,
and an ISA server (the geek in me needs to learn and stay in touch with
technology, if that is all right with you).

And one of the nifty features of AD that I configured for us was roaming
profiles. This means I can log into any of the workstations in the house,
and my profile is there. It also means that, after a re-install, I just have
to rejoin the domain, and voila, all my settings are there. I no longer have
to spend hours and hours configuring my applications - mail, browser, etc.
is all configured to my specifications.

All my cookies and passwords for sites are saved, so I don't have to try and
remember what my access details are, I just continue as if I did not
reinstall. And, as someone who practically lives online, this is handy.

We have had a couple of problems with roaming profiles, especially when I
first configured it, where profiles would go corrupt. I have never been able
to figure out what caused it, so I decided that it is probably just like an
OS or app install - sometimes, they are dodgy, sometimes they are brilliant.

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