2 March 2006

New stuff

There are some exciting new gadgets and goodies to look out for over the
next couple of months, and also possibly some duds.

I am particularly looking forward to getting more information, and seeing
the Origami Project (www.origamiproject.com
) - which will, apparently, be the Microsoft Mobile offering. I am rather
fond of the Microsoft hardware offerings (especially in appearance - look at
the perty perty Xbox), and have heard only good things about the MS Mobile
OS, so we could either have a smash hit, or garbage. According to the
website, we find out more today (02/03/2006 in international date format)

Of course, the new Nokias coming out are also rather exciting, especially a
couple of the the N-series phones (which, I know, is old news, but has yet
to be released here, so it still keeps us in anticipation)

Not too excited am I about the new Apple offerings. I am not particularly
keen on the iPod - it is over-priced and under-featured, in my opinion - and
the thought of an iPod hi-fi is kind of garish. It would be a hi-fi loved by
16 year old Britney Spears fans and young gay men with an inflated sense of
taste every where.

I might sound a little like a snob, but for me a hi-fi has always been a
functional device of high quality and little visibility. The idea that you
would now be able to get an hi-fi in blush pink, baby blue or lime green is
slightly offensive - almost as offensive as the boom-boxes that have been
passed off as hi-fis in recent years.

And, Mac Mini? Seriously, get a real computer that does not insult the
intelligence. Macs are for stupid people. Or is it that they make people
stupid? For some odd reason, there is this elitist air about those who use
Macs. I am not sure if this is because they truly believe that a Mac is more
powerful than any other computer on the planet, or if it is just because
they were so royally ripped off when they bought it, that they force
themselves to believe that the more you pay the better the thing is.

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